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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Child Mummy

This male infant mummy is not buried but on display at the St. Louis Science Center.

From the 2007 press release and opening of the exhibit

 The Child Mummy is a boy who died at about seven to eight months old.

 He probably lived during the period of 40 BC to 130 AD, possibly during the reign of
Caesar Augustus, known as The Roman Period because the Romans ruled Egypt at the

 The infant was likely from an upper middle class or wealthy family since mummification
was expensive.

 Geneticists are currently running DNA tests on the mummy to try to define the child’s

A great video about the research:

Online articles:

Examination of a Child Mummy
The Secrets of the Child Mummy


  1. Very interesting post!

    1. You know I was drawn to him. Before I found the video online I wondered about him for days. Still am.

  2. Hi. I made a facial forensic reconstruction of this child mummy using the video on Youtube: http://arc-team-open-research.blogspot.com.br/2013/01/from-youtube-to-blender-forensic-facial.html Thank you for the post and pictures. A big hug!


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