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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dirge for a Young Girl

Arlington Cemetery
Reno County, KS

I photographed this little marker on a previous visit because I love finding the zinc monuments on my cemetery walks. You can find other posts on White Bronze and zink by using the labels on this post.

I recently had an opportunity to visit the cemetery again and decided to use my glove as a reference of size.

When I find any stone with an epitaph I tried to find the source: Scripture, poem, song, etc.

This epitaph is from the poem "Dirge for a Young Girl" by James Thomas Fields. {source}

Underneath the sod, low lying,
 Dark and drear,
Sleepeth one who left, in dying,
 Sorrow here.
Yes, they 're ever bending o'er her,
 Eyes that weep;
Forms, that to the cold grave bore her,
 Vigils keep.
When the summer moon is shining
 Soft and fair,
Friends she loved in tears are twining
 Chaplets there.
Rest in peace, thou gentle spirit,
 Throned above;
Souls like thine with God inherit
 Life and love!

Frank Bick
Arlington Cemetery

Arlington Cemetery

 Arlington Cemetery

Arlington Cemetery


  1. that's really awesome. i have found a few so far made of bronze and i hate the though of someone sneaking in there and stealing it to scrap. the history and beauty is always worth so much more.

  2. Happy Blogiversary! I celebrate my blogiversary this month. Can't believe it has been a year since I published my first blog post. What a ride it has been. This is a great blogging comity.


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